King Philip Hones | 06/26/09

After class on Thursday I ran some errands and then Chris was kind enough to drive me to Logan so I could fly back to DC to move to a new server and start packing up my stuff for the official move on July 2nd.

I feel like I threw out most of my random stuff when I moved from Florida but no, I still have tons of it. I have my office and my kitchen totally done, my bedroom and living room are each about 80% done and I haven't touched the bathroom.

Despite not being a Planner Douchebag, I saved all my moving tubs so I've been able to get things packed up pretty quickly. By far my most impressive success was loading the big TV into its original box by myself. That sucker is heavy.

I'm up to six garbage bags full of clothes to give away. I've decided to pare down to six items in each clothing category. After living for a month with only four clothing options I figured it was time to get back to basics.

I find it funny that I consider 2004 - 2007 the Lean Years but somehow that's when I acquired just about everything I own. For whatever reason I spent a lot more money when I had less. I guess that's the American way.

I was able to purchase over the weekend and mark my words, in a couple of years that is going to be a significant site.

If you're not doing anything July 2nd and want to help me load a truck that would be great. I'll even pay you--pay you with money, not even like "pizza and beer" but with cold hard cash (and pizza and beer).

And so ends two sentence paragraph day.


SC (Unknown)

Tsk, tsk. A paragraph involves three sentences. Those blue tubs are killer on your hands. Let me know.



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