Welcome Back 12 of 12 | 07/12/09

I'm back and now with more 12 of 12s than ever!

8:10am: I had to retake this shot at 8:10 because I forgot it was a 12 of 12 until I sat down at my computer. This getting up early thing gives you like four extra hours in a day. Score!

9:00m: Making my weekly lesson plans after a delicious Starbucks run. Little did I know that my brilliant Monday plan would be destroyed when only two students showed up. Not coincidentally, it was the two who least-needed the work on today's material.

12:00pm: There were a meeting of the Hot Girl Alliance-Lowell Chapter at Panera. Both members showed up.

12:30pm: My bedroom "before" I unpacked my stuff and rearranged it.

1:30pm: "After"

2pm: Chompy at Tyler Park. There's a big sign that says NO DOGS but whatever. Chompy isn't a dog--she's an ass-kicking on four legs.

3pm: Chris and I drove up to Nashua so he could get the new iPhone and I could buy more random crap. This braced-umpire was on a fence outside the sporting goods store. I just liked that he had braces on.

3:30pm: Chris trading in his Pre to join the iPhone community. Welcome aboard!

4:00pm: All my trips to Best Buy are unsuccessful. I did get a TV for my bedroom but they had to order it. I managed to get a $200 coupon from Comcast so I somehow made money by going to Best Buy. Score.

7:30pm: Taking a break from work to check my fantasy stats. I was playing Steve this week and avenged my previous loss with a whomping. I've moved from last place into 3rd. Boom.

9:00pm: On my way to Chris' house to watch the Cubbies lose to the Cardinals. At least we got to see Sean Marshall play left field.

10:00pm: We weren't really watching the game so much as playing on our iPhones. There's Oreo with her head on my lap. She was so happy to see me she peed a little bit. I wish my students got that excited.

BONUS: I took this morning since I went to bed so early last night. See how nicely I clean up?


T-Chris (Unknown)

Nice work on the bedroom, dude!

BU (Unknown)

I hear you do good work in the bedroom.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

whaaaa, an update?

T-Chris (Unknown)




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