Twtball | 07/13/09

After a 33% came-to-class attendance rate, I trotted over the gym to get myself huge. The gym was closed all last week for renovations and the racquetball courts were still "drying". I lifted weights for about 45 minutes (diligently tracking my progress with the iFit iPhone application) then undid all that good with some McDonalds before heading back to play Twtball with Chris. Because the regular racquetball courts were closed we decided to play on a squash court with tennis rules since we had no idea how to play squash. Tennis + Squash + Racquetball = Twtball and Chris handed me my "A" in our inaugural game if you know what I'm saying. Losing 16-14 after being up 12-3 is pretty humiliating but that's Twtball.

I spent the afternoon trying to figure out why's rankings keep jumping for certain stores and even after four hours I was no closer to figuring out why. I also made some updates to the pet site for our new launch. Also on the nerd-front, I finally got control of after buying it a few weeks ago.

Ah, back to blogging.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Squash is hard and tiring.

Sam (Unknown)

I'll be interested to see what you pitchy.



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