Since 1996 | 07/14/09

Last night, for the 13th time in as many years, the National League lost the All-Star game. This means when the Cubs lose Game 7 in the World Series this year it'll be at Yankee Stadium instead of at Wrigley.

Many things have happened since 1996. Here's a personal list of things that have happened since then.

1) I no longer look like the dork in that picture. My dorkiness is much more internalized now. I can't believe I rooted for the White Sox that year. That was my pathetic attempt at teenage rebellion.

2) The domain was registered in 1997 and has become...well, Google.

3) I've moved five different times.

4) Steve graduated elementary school, middle school, high school, college, grad school, and is almost ABD in Grad School Part II.

5) My weekly allowance has grown from $3 to $300.

6) There is only one thing in my current house that I've had since 1996 other than pictures--a t-shirt from some band conference.

7) There are babies who have parents that have never seen the National League win the All-Star game. Speaking of young parents, this is NOT, I repeat NOT safe for work but along the lines of failblog--WTFDYHAK.

8) The Cubs opening day starters have been: Jamie Navarro, Terry Mulholland, Kevin Tapani, Steve Trachsel, John Lieber (part I), Kerry Wood, Greg Maddux (part II), and Carlos Zambrano.

9) I've gained nearly 100 lb. Wow.

Yeah, 1996 was a long time ago. Not surprisingly, the closer on my fantasy baseball team, one of my two All-Stars, was the guy who gave up the winning run to the AL. Whatever, at least I don't have braces and weigh more than 100lb.


SC (Unknown)

That is crazy for me to think about. You should also look into my life is average and texts from last night for interesting bits of social/cultural knowledge about your fellow man. Damn American Leaguers. Stupid Crawford pulling that home run back.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

I'm at work and so fucking tempted to click that link.

Sam (Unknown)

Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid??? I love it! hahaha



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