My Hood | 07/15/09

Yesterday the delivery man came to drop of my new TV while I was at the gym getting whomped again in Twtball. When he came back later last night he said he dropped it off he said that he had come by earlier and heard my dog barking at him. He said he didn't know what kind of dog it was but "judging on the neighbor I assumed it was big and mean".

I don't think of my neighborhood as being especially bad. It's no Glover Park--three people got shot about a half-mile down the road a week ago--but I don't think of it as a ghetto. To liken it to DC, it's like living on 16th street where NW meets NE. It's no SE for sure. SE would be about a mile east of where I live--like where I dropped off the moving truck.

Comcast is coming today to give me real internets and cable TV. I haven't been able to do as much work as I'm used to since my connection boots me off after 30 seconds or so.

I'll take some pictures over the weekend and you can see my house and my hood because I know you want nothing more than to know what's going on in my life.


T-Chris (Unknown)

How about more pics like the one in yesterday's (p)update. That was fantastic.

Mike (Unknown)

Thankfully there are not many from that time period. Thankfully.



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