2009 Lyrics Challenge!!! | 07/18/09

It's that time of year again. Time for the 2009 Lyrics Challenge (brought you by promotioncode.org). In case this is your first year playing, it works a little something like this. I take the first verse of a popular, well-known song (this is what separates it from the music challenges of the Urizone) and put them into Altavista's (now Yahoo) babelfish translator. The lyrics go from English to German to French back to English. It's your job to decipher the songs from this bastardization of language. As usual, the first example is a Jimi Hendrix song. When you're done, send me an email (mrcatania@gmail.com) with the artist and name of each song. Lurkers are especially encouraged to play.

1) The tower of the princes constantly held too the opinion all the women came and went, but huh the outside in the cold distance a wildcat of both passengers came and gone were approachin' and the wind started to howl.

2) I can't are him, me know that you the projected I'm placed him precisely, this Watergate I Can't Stand plate Rocking in here. Cause your ball ain't crystal; ; TSO crystal - freely thus, while you sat of return and why I'm astonish received those diablement spine in my side. Oh my god, it's an image of fraud. I'm tellin' y'all it's...

3) You represent in a boat on a river, with of oranges and the skies of jam. You, call you answer rather slowly, with a girl with eyes of kaleidoscope above. Plastics of yellow and an ecologist, one raise on your head high. Seek the girl with the sun in their eyes and after she's gone.

4) With the time of monkeys, stays a monkey with liquid fire in my veins and in outside Junkien cuts with Plastikaugäpfeln the color of jet which fixes the vegetables food of dog with that Pantyhose beefcake to kill you to them headlights and place it to you in the neutral person with a loser and the speed control of voyage baby in Reno with the vitamin Cd one some Layers, n' did not receive sleep on the seat love came in sayin in lunatic to balance marriage of gun of shot and of mark on my shirt the faith you all, you is breathed receives you a wound to park and a larva on your case, therefore you shave your face with darkness with of Savin Your temples of whole food products and burning to the bottom of a caravan.

5) Its nine o'donor of synchronization one Saturday regular masse with there interior. Is an old man who sat close to me the manufacture of the loves to his means of reinforcement and Gin to him, told the son, can play you to me a memory? I'm not really sour, like it me-me its Candy goes and sad and its however knew; it equips completely, when I carried young person, clothing.

6) Day we hit in streets off has them off the runaway American dream AT out sweat the we through mansions glory one highway 9 night, out in the jump machines commits suicide from cages wrinkles Chrome wheeled, for injected and stepping out over the line the baby this town rips bones from your to cook Its has death trap, its has blow commits suicide We gotta GET out Young were while less virtuous girls the like United States causes, baby we conceive were ton race.

7) This one to push crown my refrigerator. This a cold gives me showers. My assumption is right conclusion my eyes. Oh yeah. In order. One feels good. Towards the interior. Lighter impact on television to extort with of Jimmy. Something spouts out behind my back. The bottle must be gone ready.

8) When you were front here, you could in your eye. Not to look at. Re: precisely that an angel, forms your skin makes me cry you swims as a feather in beautiful people me wishes that I would be special you thus f*cking Special.

9) It's not was not like a beauty queen from a film panel me was said rather concerns, but what you mean me, it is that which dances you on the floor in circulation said that I am that which dances on the floor in circulation.

10) Song in the sun, aiming in the rain, moonshine and do not balance in the grain me do not have time, bags want to say to pack, my foot are within the door which is received a date, me incline are late, for the hope ball.

Tie-Breaker (non-rock, 2008): Before Westerner constantly to receive the electricity in its hand right impact wants you won't believe the sun in The Amazon if the tension runs by its skin which is above with nothing it is there going me to teach, like one swims.

Good luck! Entries due by Thursday at midnight.


K-Chris (Unknown)

Entries 'do' by Thursday....tsk tsk, says the linguist.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

In retrospect I should have waited to see if there was a prize awarded.

BU (Unknown)

With a deadline like that, only the unemployed and near-unemployed can enter.

Mike (Unknown)

That's like everyone I know who isn't you.



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