Audacity of Hope | 07/20/09

A couple days ago, whilst playing racquetball with Chris, I fell down and somehow hurt my knee. Not being a doctor, I took the liberty of diagnosing myself with a rare condition: angry cartilage. Chris still regularly whomps me in both racquetball and twtball but as I've gotten better I've become more inclined to go the extra mile (ok feet) for the point rather than just giving up. Unfortunately, this is how my body repays me for two hours of daily cardio. It's already getting better so I think my rediagnosis is now mildly irritated cartilage.

Last night we watched the Cubs lose to the Phillies in HD. It's even more pathetic watching Soriano drop fly balls when you can vividly see the terror in his eyes.

So far we only have one submission for the 2009 Lyrics Challenge(!!!) so figure out those last couple and send them to me.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

If I were to win the submission contest simply because I was the only entrant then I'd be most upset. So much time/energy put into my answers!



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