Dexter | 07/26/09

Even though I borrowed the first season from Brian ages ago, I didn't really give Dexter a fair shake. When the first season was on sale at Target for $8 (no tax; thanks NH) I figured I'd give it another shot. Two days and two seasons later I'm glad I did. The story is both interesting and hokey. It's interesting because Dexter (Michael Hall of Six Feet Under fame) is awesome and hokey because things work out because of "God" and not because of clever story writing. Whatever. I already pre-ordered Season 3.

Over the weekend I hit up the Lowell Folk Festival which was about what I expected. I didn't get to hear Joan Baez (she's what, like 300 years old now?) so maybe I did walk by but her voice was too weak to be heard.

I cheated my way to a victory in racquetball on Friday but now I'm taking at least a week off to give my knee a chance to heal for real. Having to stand on it for 90 minutes as the first thing I do after I wake up isn't really fair to it so compounding it with regular humiliating losses to Chris seems like the piece that needs to be temporarily removed.

It's almost August.


T-Chris (Unknown)

You cheated? How?

Mike (Unknown)

By standing in the middle and making you run. The same way you cheat.

T-Chris (Unknown)

That's not so much cheating as it is being a pain in the butt for the other guy. Your world sucks; I want back into mine!

Mike (Unknown)

It helps me ego to think of it as cheating. Otherwise you'd beat me 19/20 without cheating and that would make me feel like a pathetic loser who was bad at racquetball.

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

I know. I'll make a road trip to play you both in racquetball. We'll get some intense cut-thoat going on. I would like that. A lot.

T-Chris (Unknown)

I would like that, too. A lot.

Mike (Unknown)

Agreed. I'll reserve a court.

K-Chris (Unknown)

Can I come too? I promise pepperoni bread and brownies. I'm planning to be in Boston for a conference in November... =)

Mike (Unknown)

Absolutely but I think you'll be too busy tending to Miker's wounds since pegging people in the back is second nature to me.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

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