New Computer | 07/28/09

I finally got a new computer after my reliable (but tiny) Dell ran out of hard drive space. It's a terrible reason to get rid of a computer but you have to understand that the super-small profile Dells don't have enough room to upgrade anything. I like to upgrade stuff every few months so to go two years without was aggravating. Finally, with 80G full I gave in and bought a new behemoth.

1.75Tb of hard drive space. 8GB of RAM. Quad 3Ghz processor. Mmmmm.






T-Chris (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

Total nerd.

SC (Unknown)


Evil Mike (Unknown)

I'm assuming it running Vista? Unless you formatted and installed XP or had the guys you got it from preload XP on it?

You know they also make external hard drives, right?? They being them, the computer makers cabal industry.

Tell me more about the specs of the new one. Tell me about the old one. Are you planning on running high end programs now that you couldn't before? Do any computer gaming? Dedicated fans (me) want to know!

Tim (Unknown)

Couldn't you have just bought 1.5 terabyte external hard drive, thus saving the extra coin? Or you are saying is that size DOES matter . . . hmmm . . .



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