Cash Poker | 07/30/09

Last night, with our teaching loads done for the week, Chris and I met up with my landlord and two of his friends for a cash game of poker. Even though I bashed rebuys before we played I wound up being the only person who had to buy back in after I went all-in about ten minutes into the game. All in all, I lost $28 dollars which, while horrible, could have been much worse.

After the game we went back to Chris' house, hung out, and watched some Planet Earth. Being old, we all called it a night around 12:30.

Early in the day I gave my students their mid-term to mixed results. By mixed I mean "terrible". Ah, the panic of new chords. I spent the afternoon on the phone with GoDaddy trying to get them to fix a bevy of problems with the promo code site.

At least my knee is feeling almost 100% again.




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