New Promotions | 08/02/09

I had a relatively full weekend, complete with fancy dinners, new websites and lot, and I do mean a lot, of sitting at my computer. There was the pick-up of a new coupon code site; a hopefully nice complement to Speaking of, it got its first installment of a site redesign, complete with a resplendent little green dog. I used to really hate that thing but it's starting to grow on me.

On Saturday, Chris, Xan, and I went over to a colleague's (and former FSU alum) house for a nice dinner and hang-out session. There's nothing quite like a nice dinner to remind you of the squalor of being a bachelor. I have yet to cook a meal since I've moved to MA so eating something that someone else lovingly prepared was a nice change of pace.

My kids had their midterm on Friday and the average grade dropped to an 82%. Particularly devastating was the melodic dictation. It was my own fault for not giving them a better strategy for the modulatory measure. Today in class I didn't wear a suit so I could give them the "suit up" lecture since it's now the last week of class. Yeah, you can look nice in a dress shirt and tie but if you have to get showered and cleaned up a little extra effort to get into a suit goes a long way. Suit up!

In other news, I believe Obama to be a socialist now. I don't regret voting for him over McCain since at least Obama is smart but I think Chris V. had it right all along--Ron Paul.


BU (Unknown)

You should get the designer of promotionhub to do the graphics for promotioncode. When I go to hub, I immediately feel like I'm at a respected big-name shop, while the latter still feels do-it-yourself.



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