Solfege Gang | 08/03/09

Yesterday we had a faculty meeting, my first, that lasted over four hours. Unlike a business meeting, things weren't discussed as "why are we doing this?" but rather a lot of fruitless idea sharing. Fortunately, Chris was on his game and kept us sheeple in line. Like him, I think aural skills classes should be pass/fail. I'm not a detail-oriented person so that would make my life easier: you can either convey a melody to me in a recognizable fashion or you can't. I also pulled out the pre-written Final Exam for my class and it's really easy. I had been preparing them for an onslaught of chromaticism and difficult modulations in super-long melodies so these mini-examples should pose absolutely no problem.

After the meeting we picked up Xan and then hit Longhorn for a steak night. Post-dinner I wrote a bunch of examples since I'm generously donating the hour after class to extra dictation practice and quickly running out of decent ones.

I'm glad BU isn't in my class to write down all the dumb things I say. A snippet from today: "It's like a drug deal. I asked you for a perfect fifth and you skimmed off the top and gave me a little more than an augmented fourth. Fortunately for you the Solfege Gang is not in the business of breaking legs."


BU (Unknown)

Sounds more like you were awfully proud of saying that. I can see you giggling to yourself on the way home from class!

SC (Unknown)


T-Chris (Unknown)

There was no giggling: he was too busy kicking my a$$ in racquetball.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Wow, so you're one of those professors.



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