A little something... | 08/04/09

Yesterday I had one of those days. One of those rare, wonderful days that I can only describe as having...my A-game. Class went really well in the morning and then, after appeasing the Racquetball Gods with the sacrifice of a virgin, I was able to beat Chris. This was not so much a result of my skill at racquetball so much as my ability to so-hinder that at one point we collided. That's officially my new strategy: hinder to hurt.

In the afternoon we had some database malfunctions and then some more, but ultimately everything came out roses. There are only two days left in the semester and I'm looking forward to three weeks off. Two kids are taking the final after class tomorrow and the rest are finishing up Monday morning. Come 10am on Monday I'm a free man and can go back to my DC work hours of 10:30am - 2am.



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