August 12 of 12 | 08/12/09

7:00am: If you could see my watch or three alarm clocks, they'd all say 7am. It's unfortunate my body wakes up at this time now.

7:10am: At a surprisingly empty Starbucks. Where my peeps at? I can't believe I just typed that.

7:30am: Inputting my grades for last session after much fretting.

8:15am: Taking Chompy to get some donuts. None for me, but she'll have two glazed. I didn't bother photographing the second trip to Starbucks.

8:30am: On the phone with various domain registrars and help desks. That was my theme of the day. Look how happy I am.

12:00pm: Getting some Panera, as I do every day, for lunch.

1:15pm: At the driving range / batting cages with Chris and Xan. I suck horribly but it's a lot of fun.

3:00pm: Ouch. I'm trying to man-up my hands and it's not working well.

4:00pm: Chompy waking me up from a little 30 minute nap. Back to work!

8:00pm: Quiznos break.

10:00pm: Well, well, well. Who was eating trash?

11:00pm: Watching the Cubs get manhandled by the Phillies. My favorite part was the fan throwing a full cup of beer on the head of Shane Victorino while he was making the catch. I hope they charge you with felony assault you piece of shit.

12:30am: Nerding out with Steve and our new game.




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