Before and After | 08/13/09

I talked with Steve for an hour on the phone yesterday while we worked out some more of our New Zealand plans, part of which was the application for an international drivers license. In order to get said license you have to submit two passport photos. Apparently, you can now take these yourself so, being cheap, that's what I decided to do. You're supposed to look miserable, as indicated in the sample photos so I tried my best to look world-weary, which was surprisingly easy considering I live in Lowell, MA.

Once I got everything cropped down to the appropriate sizes I figured I'd fix a few things. First up was the healthy dose(s) of unset broken noses that I sustained playing baseball in high school. I probably could have safely stopped after my nose job but I figured what the hay, I'll keep going. Since I've been going to the gym I decided to give myself the shoulders that are developing ahead of time. I then gave myself a haircut and, unlike in real life (unfortunately), I applied that hair to where it was more needed.

The end result? A stud that looks eerily like me.


Miker (Unknown)

That shit freaked me out. I was questioning my mental picture of you and was utterly confused how the two did not match.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

New audience participation game - Post a picture of yourself, then have the readers edit it to make it even more awesome.

Mike (Unknown)

I was going to do just the opposite.



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