Star Wars Virgin | 08/17/09

Over the weekend I lost my Star Wars virginity. I don't know if it's more rare to find a 30 year virgin-virgin or a 30 year old Star Wars virgin. I would be willing to bet, however, it is 100% to be 30 and be both types of virgin. Whatever, so Chris and Xan came over and we watched it on the big TV. It was pretty good and, unlike the last couple times I tried to lose it, I managed to stay awake the whole time. Apparently Jaba (two Bs?) wasn't in the original one and George Lucas put that scene off for two decades while the technology caught up. Again, whatever.

There's a new sheriff in Racquetballtown and he's got a dog named Chompy. Even though Chris and I split 2-2 I feel like I'm finally competitive. This level of skill doesn't come from...skill, but rather a basic understanding that if I can get myself into the middle of the court it greatly reduces by most serious weakness: running to the ball (really running in general).

I got my suits back from the dry cleaners and brought in all 11 of my dress shirts. Exciting times.

I'm so over living in my current apartment. I can't tell the story on here because it's X-rated but suffice it to say I'm counting the days until I move out. As if oddly-phrased eroticisms weren't enough, I've been watching HGTV and seeing 24 year olds buying houses with no downpayments is really starting to piss me off.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

So did were you watching the crappy newer digitally remastered with more CGI scenes Star Wars, or were you treated to the actual original trilogy?

Wait, did you just watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (first movie), or did you watch all the movies?

If you just watched Star Wars (Ep4) then you NEED to watch the next one, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. It is the best out of all the Star Wars films. Return of the Jedi is also ok, but cheesy with the stupid Ewoks.

The prequels (latest trilogy) suck. The WILL put you to sleep, or at least make you cringe at how HORRIBLE they are.

The amount of suck Episodes 1-3 are is like watching the Shawshank Redemption (original trilogy), and then watching the Shawshank Redemption 2: Red's Comical Splendifferous Adventure! (written and directed by me).

T-Chris (Unknown)

We watched remastered Episode IV. The original releases are tough to find on DVD. I saw them a while back, though, and should have bought them. Stupid fiscal responsibility.

SC (Unknown)

Definitely watch 4-6. Episodes 1 and 2 can be skipped, but I didn't find 3 to be that terrible. I would say the best of the newer episodes. The worst is that they put Hayden Christianson in Return of the Jedi. That is just disturbing.



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