Attrition | 08/24/09

Yesterday morning I ran by school to drop some stuff off and pick up some oatmeal, walnut (hooray), and chocolate chip cookies from Sarah. Apparently there had been a batch of upwards of 100 and I was the lucky beneficiary of a couple dozen. I took the liberty of chowing some in the car on my way home to make sure they weren't poisonous. Nope, not poisonous or else I'd be dead several times over already. I tried to get myself on the UML website so that when students lose their syllabus on Day 2 they can find my email to send me pathetic lies as to why they were absent throughout the semester. No dice yet though.

I made a quick stop in NH in the afternoon to buy Chompy some more dog food and to get a few more ties. I also dropped off the rest of my clothes at the dry cleaner. When I say "the rest of my clothes" I don't mean like, the rest of my suits. I mean the rest of my clothes. Giving them my stuff to clean is way more efficient than actually doing my laundry. It's super-cheap up here so I think I'll bring them all my non-undergarments/towels from now on.

In the early evening I picked up Chris for some racquetball. We'd each been having rough days/better part of a week so it was going to be a get-the-aggression-out set. In between hitting each other regularly we managed to hit the front wall once or twice. Normally there's one MAYBE two hits on the other person during a set but It was like an Alaska wilderness--drilled all over the place. He might have been the recipient of the hardest shot I've ever hit and I could see the welt through his shirt. He managed to nail me right in the face though so it all evened out.


T-Chris (Unknown)

The bruise looks good this morning. And by "good," I mean it looks exactly like I took a 150 mph racquetball shot to the middle of my back. How's your face?



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