Getting Close | 08/26/09

The Cubs are all but officially out of the playoff race and, for the first time in a while, I don't really care. I still watch the games but I have no expectation that they're going to win. It's like it's the 1990s all over again. Marmol sucked last night and even though the Cubs still won 9-4, he walked the first three guys he faced and gave up two runs. It might be time to invest in a real closer.

I'm hanging onto my playoff hopes in fantasy baseball but I'm in fifth and only the top six make the playoffs.

Over the weekend I watched The Empire Strikes Back with Chris and Xan and it was pretty good. I liked that there was no overarching story and things just kind of happened without the aggravating over-foreshadowing of the first one. Tonight we're going to watch the last one.

It's almost football season--Quincy University takes on Indiana State tonight but I can't watch it because ESPN Gameday isn't offered up here. That sucks. Quincy was the school that I said I could be the starting cornerback for and everyone seemed to disagree. I stand by it, especially now that I'm cut from going to the gym. Not cut enough to beat Chris in racquetball, but certainly ripped enough to knock some 18 year old over while he was trying to run past me.

It turned autumn up here yesterday and the weather gorgeous. If you could remove all the buildings in Lowell and replace them with a real city it would be breathtaking but alas, the roaming mobs of the poor block the views of the majority of trees. Whatever, once it gets a little colder they'll have to take refuge in the caves outside the city limits.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

The all powerful Empire is nothing in the face of a bunch of teddy bears, rocks, and twigs.

SC (Unknown)

In the teddy bears' defense, they did have a couple of logs.

Tim (Unknown)

Quincy University may in fact need the "SDI" (that's you) on the field tonight . . . hmm, that's intersting, you're watching Star Wars, and your conerback nickname is referred to by the public as "Star Wars."

May the Force be with you.

Tim (Unknown)

One last thing, that picture is disturbingly awesome. He needs a Manzier.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Or a Bro. Whichever name you prefer.



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