Swine Flu | 09/02/09

I think I have the swine flu. I think I caught it during the Counting Crows concert then brought it back. I took the liberty of passing it along to 100+ college students in the hopes of teaching them a valuable history lesson about settlers and smallpox blankets (right Steve?) I actually do feel a little bit better today but I've also slept away the gross majority of the past three days. Tomorrow I have to go back to school and I can't call in sick so by 10am I'll know how bad I have it depending on how many students I inadvertently killed on Wednesday.

Football starts tonight. Thank God. Too bad I'll be asleep and have to miss the first two games. On Monday Tim and Chris are going to come over to watch FSU whomp Miami. Back to bed.


annie (Unknown)

hope you feel better and that none of your students have died.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

New combatant...Kitana!

Are you sure you have swine flu? Maybe you just took a trip south of the border and don't remember. Very similar symptoms. If anybody does die we know which one it is.

SC (Unknown)

Wow, history from you. You must really be sick.

Tim (Unknown)

Let this be a lesson to you for going to see the Counting Crows. Speaking of death I thought they died in like, 1993? Also, if this is where you got sick, wouldn't you have bird flu? With regards to dying students, think of yourself as thinning the academic heard. Congratulations, you are now teaching Darwin's theory on natural selection. Since you are now teaching to disparate subjects I suggest you ask for a raise.
In all seriousness though get well soon.



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