Boring of 12s | 09/09/09

It dawned on me just now that 12 of 12 days are against me. Nothing interesting ever happens on a 12 of 12 day. Much like when I lived in DC, 12 of 12 days are usually stay-at-home days. This month's falls on a Saturday which is a guarantee it will be boring. I guess I could document how cold it is (very) or Chompy resting in my bed.

I'm pleased to report that the swine flu is finally abating after a good week. Had FSU beaten Miami I think it would have cleared up completely on Monday night but since that obviously didn't happen it took a little extra time. I'm excited to have more than four consecutive waking hours since practically all of my free time has been spent sleeping.

Last night, while waiting to fall asleep, I watched Man Vs. Wild, a show I hadn't watched since Ricky ruined it for me by sending me a bunch of snippets of Bear Grylls in state parks being separated from parking lots by only 10 feet or by secretly wearing life jackets. He did eat both kill and eat a rattlesnake and a a lizard so I was willing to cut him a little more slack for not just stopping at the McDonald's that was just out of the camerashot.

I haven't been to the gym in over a week and I'm back to feeling puny again. Whatever, I'm sure it'll come back.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Mike, once you start hitting the gym you will be back to your normal Schwarzeneggerian physique in no time.

KBS (Unknown)

Dude, are you dead? How about another update?

KBS (Unknown)

Wait - I just realized you're probably getting a lap dance in AC right now. My bad. Hopefully there will be much to update on when you return.



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