I'm back | 10/07/09

Ok, it's been a month. I know you've been devastated. So let's see what's happened in the past month.

On the academic front, all my kiddies are doing well (duh). I fear, however, that I am viewed as a troublemaker. This has not been an issue in the past since my students have always performed exceptionally well. Oh wait, they're performing exceptionally well here too. What I like about the business world is that you're "graded" solely on your success. If you're making then you're in good shape, if you're not, then you're not. Whatever. 1997 Mike would want 2009 Mike as his professor (or maybe Dr. Dream-E).

On the business front, you'll be pleased to know that promotioncode.org is still doing well and the new pick-up of a second site offering promotional codes is well on its way to being a usable site. Andrea's dog site is live too.

Brian and Rebecca got married. It was nice and drama-free (ok, not at all drama-free, but insofar as the bride and groom it was drama-free). It went off without a hitch. Well, one hitch. Hey-o. That was a pun in celebration of the new couple.

Let's see...I won Third Place in Fantasy Baseball out of 12. Steve finished 5th. Neither Steve nor I are doing well in the new Pick 'Em game. Actually, now that I look, Steve is in first place. That's nice. Our brotherly trip to New Zealand is still on for January. I'm excited.

Lowell is still the same except colder.

Also, I turn 30 tomorrow and will likely die.


KBS (Unknown)

Finally. It's a good thing we got this update to get all caught up on your life since tomorrow you will likely die.

Speaking of dying, I thought of something else that might make you see this whole teaching thing in a new light. All of us humans have the same end result: death. Is it the end result that matters? Hell no. It's what we do on the way to death that matters.

Paige (Unknown)

As I enjoy reading your point of view, I sincerely hope that you won't be leaving us tomorrow.

Also, strange to see so many blog folks at Brian's wedding...you know about their life a bit, but you don't know them.

Good Luck thwarting the man in the hood...

Tim (Unknown)

Well it it T plus 17 days at the time of this writing, and I can only imagine that you are still alive and kicking.



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