I'm back and with a 12 of 12! | 11/12/09

8:30am: As shocking as this might seem, I'm actually ready to leave the house by 8am. Got my nice new flannel and fleece shirt to keep warm.

8:45am: I used my Starbucks ins to get myself into a shot where a mirror wasn't involved.

8:46am: Chompy is my regular Starbucks companion. I actually had to choose between this picture and one of the car next to me that had a Jack Russel asleep on the dashboard. Chompy always wins.

9am: I had to retake this shot and Photoshop a couple together because of the glare. Boo! Trying to come up with an algorithm that describes the middle and right pictures. And when that was done all it had to do was describe another 3688. Boo! I've gotten pretty good at color-coding things for myself though.

2:30pm: Taking a break to learn Sugar Magnolia. That is an appalling bar. The spirit of Jerry Garcia is going to haunt me if I keep playing like that.

3:00pm: Doing the daily grading. Yep, it's an F.

3:30pm: So much for my art-shot of Best Buy. Had to buy a new Bluetooth since the Taurus swallowed my last one into her neither-region.

4:30pm: Since Chris had been whomping me in video game football I found an easier, thumbless opponent.

5:30pm: Daily trip to Panera for dinner. Depressing.

7:30pm: In the middle of a guest speaker on Music Education. I can't believe you can get a degree in Bashing Music Theory.

10:00pm: Watching the Bears play "football".

12:25am: Bedtime after setting my four alarms. I like sleeping.

BONUS: "That wasn't roughing the passer! What that was was bullsh*t!" -Chompy


Evil Mike (Unknown)

OMG you're back! We were just talking about you today and your lack of updates...

Mike (Unknown)

I don't know if I'm back-back but I think I can handle at least monthly updates.

KBS (Unknown)

Chompy in the rearview = TOO CUTE.

SC (Unknown)

So the rumors of you being alive are true. Interesting.

Tim (Unknown)

I do miss hanging with you and the rest of the T-town posse; however I do not miss giving you my money when playing poker . . . better you than some stranger though.
Also, I have recently acquired NCAA 2010, so if the urge to rumble with someone other than Chompy, I am here "Exiled on Broad Street."
Yeah, you like the play on the similarly titled Stones album.



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