Lemonde Flashback | 02/11/04

FLASHBACK: Wednesday February 11th, 2004 3:48am. There was a massive spillage of lemonade in the kitchen. Roughly four liters of freshly made lemonesque goodness were spilled onto the floor in a freak accident, causing serious damage. I am pleased to report there were no injuries. I'm not sure if it was the late hour or what but for a good ten minutes I stood in the kitchen and just looked at the mess. I tried to convince myself it was a dream and tried jostling myself awake. It was not a dream, though and the reality was in the form of a roll of paper towel and almost a half. Since I only had about four hours of sleep I was officially zombified for Atonal. There was a presentation on Contour Theory, easily the most ridiculous music theory topic I've seen. Apparently, you can make graphs for what is readily apparent in the music. It is my understanding that this graph shows you...well, the contour of a piece. Let's take a little look-see, shall we?

Let's just look at the music example. Note the graph to the right of the page. You (too) can build a graphical representation of the contour of the musical example. It's done by taking the contour, removing the staff, beams and stems, then coloring the noteheads red, making them into true circles and connecting the dots. As this example demonstrates, you can now determine the contour of the line because of the graph. The only other way to determine the contour is to look at the contour of the line of music. But that's no challenge...and you don't get to make little pictures.

In other news, I just saw Kid Rock's cover of Bad Company's Feel Like Makin' Love. It makes me Feels Like Blowin' Chunks. Whatever, I know that was the type of not-funny business-humor running rampant throughout America but I couldn't help it. My day continued essentially with a long, long nap. The four-hour type. Chompy woke me up to go out, so I yelled and tried to reason with her. She was obviously not winning the 10-minute argument and I told her just to get out of my bedroom and to play with her toys. She obediently trotted into the living room and brought back a toy I've never seen her play with. It's this giraffe-print bone and is one of only two squeaky toys in the house. She stood by my bed and squeaked it at 3-second intervals until I finally got up and took her out. The part that kills me is that she only did it to wake me up. Sure, she's brought bones and other (quiet) chew toys to play with when I'm napping but I know she only brought this one to wake me up. That wasn't very nice. Tonight I made a new recipe for dinner--chicken dumpling soup. It was pretty good, though not at all creamy. I think the broth would have done better with wild rice or something but live and learn. Or let die. Also, congratulations to the 1750th visitor. Whomever you are @Home, thank you.




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