Leonid Shower | 11/16/09

Last night I texted Chris to see if he and Xan had any interest into driving to the middle of nowhere to see the Leonid Meteor Shower. They signed on and after a couple 45-minute naps I drove over and picked them up around 12:30am. After selecting the requisite keep-us-awake songs we hauled ourselves into remote New Hampshire and made our final turn, literally, onto Podunk Road. After a quick discussion over breaking the law, we decided to trespass in a state forest and found a clearing where we had a wonderfully clear night sky. Since the shower was just starting we collectively saw maybe...a dozen meteors in the 90 minutes we were there; much fewer than the estimated 60/hour the lying websites had said.

By 3:30am we were pretty cold and as we were getting ready to leave a pick-up drove into our little clearing. Seeing as we were in both an extremely remote place AND were already a good mile past the prohibited point of entry I assumed they were coming to hack us into little pieces. They weren't but probably thought we were waiting there to hack them into little pieces but ultimately everyone came out alive.

On the way back we listened to conservative talk radio to stay awake. The guest was Margaret Gray, possible the most offensive person I've ever heard on the radio. She was convinced that Sarah Palin was out of touch with the US people not because she was an idiot, but because she couldn't laugh about her kids being pregnant/retarded. I can't even begin to describe what this woman was saying. I never thought they day would come where I could possibly agree with anyone who called in to a conservative talk radio station but apparently the three of us in the car, along with caller Trailer Joe, all agreed this woman should probably be...I don't even know. Killed? Committed? Extradited to her home planet of Bumblef*ck?


T-Chris (Unknown)

Man, that woman's comments still have my dumbfounded. And not in the good way. S. T. F. U!!

Mike (Unknown)

I know! That was truly unbelievable. To be the most amazing thing in a night of meteors takes some skill.

Bad skill but skill.



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