Survivorman | 11/18/09

Maybe it's just living in the deep northeast but my three-month OCD compulsion has been outdoorsiness. Until Ricky ruined it for me, I enjoyed Man vs. Wild but once I saw a couple YouTube videos of the star filming the show just feet away from a parking lot it kind of lost its appeal. I "upgraded" then to Survivorman where a dude gets dropped off somewhere and has to live there for a week and do all his own filming. I like two aspects to the show: he complains a lot about having to haul 50lb of camera gear everywhere. I like it because I would complain about the same thing. I also like that since he's filming himself there's no choice but to capture the stark realities of being out there alone and going a little bit crazy. He doesn't take any risks but just keeps on keeping on. I think I could do that for a week. Maybe.


KBS (Unknown)

You would probably like the Grizzly Diaries on Planet Green. This dude spent 13 years studying, filming and writing about a group of bears in Alaska until he was finally killed by one of them. He had so much footage (with himself on camera as well as behind it), that they took his footage and turned it into a show after he died. Kind of morbid, but also weirdly addicting....

Annie (Unknown)

Do you think Survivor man ever survived falling in a river?



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