30 Reprise | 11/23/09

For my 30th birthday my parents flew out and, as part of my present, gave me a CD filled with digitized pictures of my childhood. The one pictured might be the single worst picture of me of all time. For the life of me, I just can't figure out why I wasn't cool. Oh well.

It's Black Friday week so the gears are a'churn with activity on the business front. PromotionCode.org is rolling around thanks largely to the graphic of it that Brian put on his blog. The downside is that I've received over 1300 emails today. I didn't bother reading them all (obviously) but mixed into the Here Are Our Black Friday Deals (But Not Really Because We Marked Everything Up 2000% First) were server outage emails and cranky students. Just a normal day in that regard.

For Thanksgiving I'm going over to Chris and Xan's for a Mythbuster's marathon (nerds unite!) and to partake in the feast both of the belly and the eye--they just got a new 42" plasma TV. I'm trying to convince Chris to go incognito with me to the open mic night at the university on the 30th and rock out. Any peer pressure you could provide would be appreciated.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

I hear you, man. I guess when you're a kid the big over sized glasses is the trend.

I used to rock that style along with the hair.

Evil Mike (Unknown)


T-Chris (Unknown)

Awe. Some.

Annie (Unknown)

holy crap, those are the best pictures of the mikes ever. i would put my awkward big glasses picture up but i do not know how.



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