February 12 of 12 | 02/12/10

6:10am (or 6:11): My arsenal of alarm clocks. Each alarm clock has a separate purpose. The gray one projects the time above my bed so even though I'm blind without my contacts in I can still read the numbers. The big one with the green numbers is the last resort set for ten minutes after the rest and wakes the dead. The black one in the back goes off first and plays something nice and soothing to starting waking me up. And my phone goes off every ten minutes with the "alarm" sound because nothing wakes you up quite like a heart attack.

7:00am: Suited up and ready to be Mike.edu for an hour. Some rogue curls look like horns but whatever. It's a special day in class...

8:40: Chris and I performing 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. We face the attitude daily that what we teach has nothing to do with "today's music" so sometimes it's good just to smack the students back into submission with a transcription and performance that illustrates, oh, everything you're talking about in class. Boom. (Video soon!)

10:00 All that smacking-down needs some breakfast from Einstein's.

10:15: Driving back home with Chompy in the back seat. I have to pick her up to get her out of the car which sucks more than you might think. There's my FSU phone case that Chris got me for Christmas. Go State!

10:30: Mike.com has a new arch-enemy at work whose netspeak reminds of me Alex. I know it's not Alex because there was no note saying "Dude--chess?" This is actually out of order since that came about at like 6pm but whatever.

4:00pm: Taking myself out for a nice CFA lunch.

After dropping off my NZ picture to be framed and getting the clasp on my watch fixed I came across this sign. I remember when I was your age the Shake N' Bake slogan was "And I helped".

9:30pm: The Chompinator taking on the dental dinosaur. Steggy never wins.

11:00pm: Playing a video game with Steve. It's not World of Warcraft; we're not that nerdy.

12:23am: Bedtime. Time to work off the insomnia...

12:45am:...with another video game that's so dull it puts me to sleep. I was too lazy to get out of bed to find the remote for the TV so I had to settle for this to bore me to sleep.

BONUS #1: Holiday Inn now offers people to warm up your bed for you. Chompy is suing for patent infringement since she's been doing that for ten years.

BONUS #2: Video of Chompy:


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Is that Final Fantasy 4?

Mike (Unknown)

Sure is.

T-Chris (Unknown)


Mike (Unknown)

I've watched this video at least a dozen times now. We rule--end of story.

T-Chris (Unknown)



SC (Unknown)

Who would have thought that 41 seconds of something so simple would be so enjoyable to watch.



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