April 12 of 12 | 04/12/10

7:40am: Someone taped this wisdom to my office door.

Bringing the array of coffees necessary to caffeinate those who need to be caffeinated.

8:00am: The lectern appears to have a case of the "la la la"s. It's going around apparently.

9:15am: Let the wrangling of semicolons begin.

1pm: Our plates in various stages of completion. The picture doesn't show it but I really felt like I fought the good fight against such healthy food.

Chompy rolling around and looking for attention.

3:00pm: Chris and I (lightly Photoshopped) after an epic point in racquetball. He annihilated me.

4:30pm: Doing my errands.

4:45pm: A lesser man might fear you judge him for eating McDonald's but I have the blood work to prove my cholesterol numbers are awesome. Amazing what exercise can do for you.

5:00pm: Time for a quick nap with Chompalatapus before I go back to wrangling semicolons.

9:30pm: Food break at Chipotle. It'll be nice to live closer to civilization soon.

10:30pm: Making my flights for Tallahassee. I feel like it's been years since I've been back there probably due to the fact it's been years since I've been back there.

12:11am: All the semicolons have been wrangled, even if it took 2800 lines to do it. Nothing says "Ahhhh" quite like } #master.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

I chastise you for that amount of McDonalds food. Really, is that all you had?

T-Chris (Unknown)

Nice PS work on the RB shot. Man, that point WAS epic!

Sam (Unknown)


Please get a source code editor that understands how to format JavaScript and to pack it. It would make your life so much easier.


Anna (Unknown)

Lake Ella!

Good to see you're doing well :)



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