May 12 of 12 | 05/12/10

6:48: Waking up and starting the last day of school. Yeah, buddy!

7:10am: Innocently running the backup for the sites, little knowing that I'd actually need to use ALL of them in a few hours.

7:15am: Waiting for Chompy to do her bid'ness.

My class posing for last-day-of-school picture day.

8:45am: Headed home to see what exactly is wrong with the site but stopping for a bagel and noticing that a cop has a little shamrock taped to the bottom of his gun in the mean time.

10:30: Headed back to school. Thinking I had everything fixed on the site I stop at Starbucks to indulge the 13 year old boy in me. Sex Rowing.

About to go back home but oh no, locked my keys in my office. Had to go beg for an extra set. Reassuring to know the key to 325 opens every other room.

Gave a final sight-singing exam. I didn't have a calculator on me but I think a 4/16 is an F. Fortunately, Student X did well enough on the prepared singing and sight-rhythm to pass this portion of the final.

3:30pm: After fixing the site for real (why do people always hack it on my 12 of 12 days?) got some lunch at the Kerouacesque Darma Buns. (Get it?)

6:00pm: After even more programming, finally relaxing with some purging of belongings before the move to NH.

7:20pm: I totally screamed when this huge ant came out from an old box. I was able to kill it on my own but Chompy came running as backup just in case.

8:00pm: Celebrating the end of the school year with Chris and Xan at a pizza place that used to be a strip club.

I was asleep by 10pm so the bonus Chompy picture was from this afternoon.




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