Biannual Update | 10/12/10

6:45am: Showered up and off to school. Still too tired to center the clock in the center of a picture apparently.

7:20am: Nicole rolled 20k miles since January upon my arrival at school. I can't believe I've put that many miles on a car I've only had since January.

7:30am: I could be doing a last minute class prep in the car but instead I was focused on looking good. Check and check.

9:00am: Possibly the nicest picture of Lowell ever taken. I know it's not that great of a picture but I feel like that says less about my photographic skills and more about Lowell.

10:30am: Warming up the die of doom and its backups for another slaughter of unprepared students.

12:30pm: Back at home. Annie's pumpkin makes Wakefield Manor seem much more festive than it really is.

Chompy rolling around in the yard. That's basically her afternoon each and every day.

1:00pm: When you're down to just four monitors and a TV you know what time it is. Business time.

6:30pm: Super late "lunch". I only went out for steak because I was afraid my 12 of 12 was going to be extra-boring if I didn't.

7:00pm: I just now noticed that Brian etched BOOYAH into the dirt on the car's trunk.

12:30am: After another five hours of work finally eating dinner a little after midnight. Japanese chicken. Yum.

1:00am: Finally catching up on watching Community online. Donald Glover's (Troy on the show) referring to his name as donglover kills me. I know I have the maturity of a 12 year old.

BONUS: More Chompy, the world's meanest pit bull.


SC (Unknown)

Business hours are over, BABY!

Sam (Unknown)

You mean word's SMARTEST pitbull.

sunshine (Unknown)

Dear Mike,

Thanks to you I can't say the word shit without thinking Chompy. Thanks for that. Seriously. :)

Glad to se she's doing well.



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