Once A Winner | 09/12/11

I don't be mean to be arrogant but I've been playing College Pick 'Em now for six years and not ONCE, not even in the bowels of my finishing third or fourth, has any "expert" beaten me. I don't think this says much to my personal ability to predict the outcomes of college football games (although I only missed one point last week) so much as it questions what exactly it takes to be a college football expert.

I can safely for myself it's a lot of math. Since I like to win I will not reveal the magic formula by which I correctly pick the games but each season I tweak it a little more and so far it's been right on; even correctly picking a Baylor win over TCU (Sorry, Marty).

I'm going to Tallahassee at the end of this week to watch the FSU/OU game live thanks to a birthday trip provided by Ali. I'm also supposed to see Ricky in Anaheim tonight since he's "in town" (to use the term loosely since it's 2h away) for a work conference. Cool.




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