Zombie Cat | 09/14/11

After writing off Ali's cat, Bach, as dead, he was finally discovered in a neighbor's toolshed this afternoon. Bach had been gone for almost four days and Ali had already soaked in condolances from Facebook after writing Bach's lengthy obituary. Both our pets are old--Chompy is going on 12 believe or not so the misplacing of Bach was a reminder for me to spend more quality time with Die Chomp.

In other news, my desktop is on its last legs and even though I have all my work stuff backed up in triplicates I'm concerned about losing all the Tier 2 stuff that isn't backed up as regularly. Ironically, the computer tech guy was the one who just about finished it off--this morning at least I could use it. A trip to Staples and Best Buy later I now have a computer that turns on albeit without anything I actually need.

On Thursday I leave for TLH to watch #5 FSU take on #1 Oklahoma in a clash of the titans. I'm pretty excited about the trip. Go State!


Mike (10/14/11)

It's the Baconater! I know he loves bacon!



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