October 2011 12 of 12 | 10/14/11

8:08am: Rise and shine! 8am might not seem that early to you but on the West Coast that's actually super early. I was also up late working the night before to the tune of 3:30am.

8:15: Believe it or not but in the two years that I took off from blogging I managed to get fat. I never thought that with my narrow build that would be possible but I guess that's what happens in your 30s. Thankfully, I've been steadily dropping and if I can get down to 165 - 170lb again I'll be ready for April's hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

10:00am: Yesterday Chompy was diagnosed with Degenerative Spinal Arthritis (she is about to turn 12 afterall) and in the spirit of not letting it get her down she ate a two-month supply of the treat-flavored medicine. Unfortunately, it came shooting out every available orifice within the next couple of hours. And guess who gets to clean it up?

10:05: This guy! That's who. The small is so revolting I had to resort to drastic measures.

12:30: Though hard to believe, I'm over Starbucks and I've replaced it with The Coffee Bean. It's a California chain and because they don't have to uphold to the same strict nutritional hassles that Starbucks does all of their preservative-laden and powder-aided coffees taste way better.

1pm: Work, work, and more work. And also checking up on Brian's 12 of 12 to see if the monthly shower shot is there.

5pm: Late lunch at Subways. I really like the Sun Chips so I'm taking the Fatty Mentality and eating them even though I shouldn't.

6pm: Requisite Acura-Ad Commercial picture. This is off Stunt Road where I'm about to go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains--my first trip without my geriatric dog. Boo.

7pm: On the way to the top of Calabasas Peak, allegedly the highest point in the mountains. It wasn't as difficult as the websites made it out to be.

7:20: At the top. I need to get off this mountain before it gets any darker. Thankfully I met a California hippie named Jeff on the way down who kept me safe from the many rattlesnakes that were now on the path.

10:30: After some more work, reading over Dr. M's grammar packet. No, I don't consider this fun.

11:15pm: I did get to each cheesecake though. This is why I'm fat despite a daily 2h hike.

BONUS: Chompy eating dinner (and keeping it down).


Evil Mike (10/14/11)

Good to see that I have another blog to read again. I wish I could get fat. I've been slowly losing it and now I'm under weight for my height. At one point you were 15+ lbs heavier than me.

Mike (10/14/11)

I would advise you stop all of your daily exercise then. I always assumed that if I got fat it would be all over and my arms would look faux muscular and all that but really all that happened was I grew a ring of fatness around my midsection.

Ex-Roomie (10/14/11)

Your definition of "fat" makes me sad. *sobs and shovels food faster* Also, your reason for blogging intrigues me. I too have a nonexistent memory...hmmm....

Rebecca (12/02/11)

Hey! Sorry it took me this long to realize that you starting blogging again. Based on this post your new life sounds pretty awesome except for the dog-related cleaning.



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