And We're Back | 10/14/11

Hello and greetings from Calabasas, California. Today heralds the triumphant return of Red Zeppelin, kept since 2003 with an obvious hiatus from 2009 - 2010. Why the return now? Because my memory is so bad that unless I write down what happens in a given day I simply don't remember it happening. Even as I re-read older entries I don't really remember them that way but that's more than my time in New England which was a real blur.

There are no new features to this iteration of the blog except there are a lot more pictures because times have changed since the regular blogging days and people don't want to read, they want to view. So view away.


Mike (10/14/11)

Welcome back!

BU (10/14/11)

I approve.

SC (10/15/11)

Who are you again and why do I read/view this thing? It has been so long.

sunshine (10/17/11)

I also approve. Rock on.

Anna (10/20/11)

exchooze me, but I am NOT spam. sad. My sub-par comments have been deleted. :(



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