Wii Jeopardy | 10/15/11

Yesterday, after going to the Calabasas King Fish for dinner, I forced Ali to go with me to Best Buy to get Wii for Jeopardy. We played two games and ultimately they were both decided by which one of us was holding the controller with the better batteries and was closer to the TV. Aided by that controller I was able to dominate the Classical Music categories. We also learned our former student house-sitters created Miis for two of our former colleagues that were spot on.

I hiked down Red Rocks trail yesterday and then halfway back up Calabasas Peak just to see if I could do it without dying and yes, in the literal sense, I can. Ali is a conference in The Redlands so I have the day to myself to watch football and eat unhealthily.


Mike (10/20/11)

I need to fix these duplicating pictures.



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