Chompy vs. California Coyote | 10/17/11

Over the weekend Chompy came snout-to-snout with a California Coyote in the back yard. While she was out there the coyote snuck over/under the 6' chain link fence at the bottom of the steep terrace and came up the big hill up to the second decorative brick gate that separates the backyard from the hill. Both Chompy and the coyote were standing up on their respective sides of the fence snout to snout. Chompy let out a DANGER bark but neither one of them seemed like they were going to maul the other one apart. Not wanting to take any chances I got my camping knife out with the intention of chopping off the coyote's head and leaving it on a stick at the bottom of the hill for the other coyotes to see.

I wouldn't go into the conservation areas and go kill them for sport but if they're in my yard then all bets are off. Too bad there's no promotion code for buckshot on Amazon.


Chompy (10/18/11)

Poor me :(



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