Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame | 02/09/04

Today was your typical average Monday. Atonal was great but Dr. Clendinning dashed my hopes of getting the job at the R'N'R Hall of Fame. She pointed out that the job was more of an Arts Administration opening and she didn't think I'd be qualified. She's right, of course. I still plan on applying. Hopefully I can drop my Dr. Hodges office (the main professor of Arts Administration) and she can give me some hot tips. She wrote me a very nice email and I feel better already. Jamie and I went to Mori's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Other than we were sitting with some redneck teenagers (who turned out to be rather nice ultimately), it was an ok experience. I didn't eat any of the weird vegetables but I at least tried to eat everything else. The chicken was not particularly good but the steak was. I also took a two hour nap today so I'm not tired even though it's 12:34am.


I just added a new page to the Mas N' Steel site that deals with the small group stuff. I also typed in "Mike's Journal" to Google and forced myself to read every entry by every link before mine. It took six pages and about 30 minutes but I got it all done. My God, y'all are lucky to have me because I saw some terrible ones. Here's one in particular that was very sad and yet very funny. Here's one that just makes me sick. No one likes that type of music anymore, you hippie! AND you are crazy. Certifiably crazy you crazy guy!




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