Previously on My Life: Part 1 | 10/20/11

The last major event in Washington DC was FriendFest 2009A (there would not be a B). In the span of a few month, Chris and Michael, Chris E., Chris and Elena, Tim, Kathy and Chris, Jamie, Brian, and a slew of new DC-friends-via-Brian all came over for a couple massive hangouts. I was in Georgetown practically by myself and although a number of people lived "nearby" (in a mileage sense) no one really lived nearby as is the case in most big cities when you have people spread into the suburbs. By the late spring of 2009 I had made up my mind that it was time to leave DC since Becky was the only person to hang out with me regularly.

I talked to Chris E. about getting back into classroom teaching and he said he would see if there were any possibilities where he worked. Sure enough, there was a single class open for the summer and I was penciled in for it after a couple of phone calls with my future boss. With that in place, I packed up and left in about a month. As I recall, it was a whirlwind of activity and it become apparent I was not going to have enough time to pack up and leave before I had to teach the first session. Without any fanfare or lengthy goodbyes I packed a suitcase, a laptop, the Clendinning theory text that I was going to use, Chompy, and headed north.


SC (10/21/11)

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