Everyone there was there | 11/09/11

This week my folks are in town for their first visit to Calabasas. Last week, Ali's parents were here so thrown in the flu and let's just say it hasn't been the most productive period of my life. I'm pleased to report that Tim has a new, vitriolic political blog here. He's truly an interesting writer so this is only a semi-plug.

The Nashua house is about to close which will sever my official ties with New Hampshire and I'll have to break down and get Nevada plates for my car and transfer my health insurance over to whatever Ho's N' Mo program Las Vegas has to offer. The home inspection was the morning and they found termites so maybe I shouldn't start counting my Nevadaness just yet. I can't believe termites could live in 10 months of winter and two months of near-winter so good for them.


SC (11/10/11)

Everyone was there but Mr. Wierd. Thanks for rubbing it in.

kbs (11/11/11)

That photo is amazing. I love the sign and thought you had photoshopped it in until I looked more closely and saw that green board. Loved those!

Mike (11/12/11)

It was a deal at just a penny.



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