That is the saddest thing ever | 11/30/11

I think the hardest transition in and out of academia is losing your sense of time off for Christmas. For the first 24 years of my life, all things stopped the week before Christmas and didn't get rolling again until the end of January. I feel like academics feel like they're owed this time off and it's hard to be around this sense of adult entitlement. I'm not talking about Steve or Ali but all the D and F list friends on Facebook that do nothing but complain about no one gets how hard they're working and how they NEED that break. Get real jobs or stop complaining you hippies!

Last night I had a video game night with Steve and we played the old standby of Empire Earth 2. I wish I could get into modern games but I think the grim reality of things is that I just am drawn to pixel-y looking stuff since that's what I had when I was a kid.


SC (12/01/11)

Glad to see your daily blog is now semimonthly.

Mike (12/02/11)

Better than nothing.



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