New Zealand Painting | 12/21/11

It seems likes just yesterday I started my last painting but it turns out yesterday was January of 2010 (it's the same way I feel when I think, "I just updated my blog yesterday"). Yes, it took two years to complete but it looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to having it framed and hanging it as the first thing you see when you walk into the Calabasas estate. Below is a poorly-done animated gif of its progress over the past two years.


Rebecca (12/21/11)

That is super cool, Mike. Painting things for your own house is a good idea. Congrats on finishing!

SC (12/22/11)

There was definitely a lot more work involved in that painting than I thought. Good job!

BU (12/27/11)

We were at Corcoran last Friday and one of the galleries was filled with paintings that looked exactly like the ones you and Kathy used to paint.

Annie (01/06/12)

Congrats on completing the sad pot painting! I am proud of you! Better than the original.



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