2011 Summary | 01/26/12

It only took 26 days out of the new year to summarize what happened in the past year. That's pretty good, right? It was a pretty busy year:

January: Chris and Xan got married.

February: I part with almost all of my musical instruments to pay for the refinishing of the basement in Nashua.

March: Saw Big Sur along with a lot of coastal California.

April: Anika came to visit Ali from German.

May: I finish teaching at Lowell. Students reportedly overjoyed.

June: Steve and I visit the UK.

July: Hanging out with Pete and Dawn.

August: Start saying good-byes to New England and associated friends.

September: Learn there are coyotes in Calabasas when Chompy gets in a face-licking contest with one that came up over the back fence.

October: Go to the Grand Canyon via Helicopter from Las Vegas for my 32nd birthday.

November: My parents come out to visit me and we go to the Channel Islands National Park.

December: I got Chompy for Christmas (again).

May 2012 be even better.


SC (01/28/12)

That's a good Christmas present.



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