I miss Brian | 02/08/04

With Brian far off in Virginia, I had no choice today but to clean my apartment by myself. The kitchen and pool room look great. Tomorrow I hope to tackle the bathroom and the loose ends of my bedroom. The bedroom is still pretty clean from last time but my bathroom has digressed considerably from the last cleaning. Nothing really notable happened today. I put a new picture up for Steve's birthday since he hadn't sent me one yet when his actual birthday arrived. He apparently attended a party at the Playboy mansion. He complained that the girls there were not large enough to support the enormous bosoms that he so desperately loves; at least he got to play ping-pong with Hef.

Send Steve a birthday Instant Message. It took me about a half an hour to get that one stupid line to "work" and I don't even know if it does. It might also blow up your computer if you're not logged into AOL IM, so use it at your own risk. I bought Chompy some food at PetCo. They were doing pet portraits and Chompy decided to play with this dog in the middle of its portrait and it ended up knocking over the whole set-up. Good thing I'm a regular there. I then went to the library to make some copies but I only had a $20 so I ended up wasting all that moolah on my FSU card. At least whomever stole my treatise put it back. Now if only the bastard who has had ALL the Soler information checked out since the first week of October would bring it back, I'd be a happy boy. Sadly, I did not write the world's greatest cover letter. I didn't write one at all. I guess I could put off working off working on my thesis right now. I also just discovered control-delete deletes the whole last word, which is great for me because if I make a mistake typing I compulsively delete and retype the whole world. Speaking of mistakes, the grammar I use is terrible. Maybe someone could write a guest entry on comma, usage.




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