Unofficial Words with Friends Rules | 01/30/12

I enjoy playing Words With Friends but with the multitude of cheating programs out there it really curtails the fun. The way I look at it, if you can't handily crush me in Scrabble, you're not going to be me by 500 points in Words With Friends. Unfortunately, there's a lot of grey area as to what's cheating and what's not. For clarification, here are the Unofficial Words with Friends Rules:

1) It's not acceptable to look up any word ever.

2) It's not acceptable to use any sort of program to check words or placements.

3) It IS acceptable to try a bunch of two letter words and let the game tell you it is/isn't a word.

4) It IS acceptable to try a bunch of three letter words and let the game tell you if it is/isn't a word.

That's it. I was just playing with Steve and had the word ATHEIST and wanted to play it against a another word that started with a U. I knew UT was a word but wasn't sure if reversing that and playing it on the other side (as TU) was so I tried it. I deem that, or doing that to me, completely acceptable.

If you've never crushed me regularly in Scrabble (so unless you're Chris Green) and your grasp on vocubulary is tenuous when you speak it, I have a hard time believing you that you know cachexic is a word. Go find someone else to play/cheat with.


SC (01/31/12)

Man, if someone dropped conceptualized on me like in the image, I'd be livid. Beyond livid.

A (01/31/12)

Amen, brother!

SC (02/08/12)

I just saw an app for WWF that has a cheat already built into it!



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