Gay Cap and Trade | 02/09/12

Out here-ish in California the big news was that Proposition 8 was deemed anti-constitutional and overturned. In case you live inside a turtle shell then you likely know that it's the proposition that effectively bans gay marriage in California.

Since people are always up in arms about topics that they really should have better things to do than care about (nice grammar) I've come up with a simple system that will fix everything: cap and trade. Each time a straight couple gets divorced then it puts a credit into the system where a gay couple can marry. Then, in a year (and just under an estimated million divorces/credits later), with all the gays happily married, all the people with "traditional" views on marriage will have no one to blame except the bedrock of all virtue: straight couples.

The only problem I see is that the traditionalists, as they exhibit at every opportunity, are a group beyond reproach in their own minds and the blaring hypocrisy--that might make a reasonable person feel guilty--is lost on them. You would think if they were capable of feeling that way in the first place then at this point, having already spoken out so vehemently on a subject that in no way directly affects them, the would have already started to feel that guilt. But no.


SC (02/10/12)

Under your system the liberal media would brainwash straight couples into getting divorces just to help propagate your corrupt cap and trade program. This blog is obviously part of the liberal media.

Evil Mike (02/10/12)

I do not like this comment system!

Mime (02/11/12)

Yeah, the comment spam with links in it required severe changes.



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