March 2012 12 of 12 | 03/13/12

Starting the first day of Daylight Savings Time with my favorite cat, The Baconater. He's only nice to me when he wants food but that's more than why most people are nice to me.

Finishing up my breakfast at The Marmalade Cafe. Unfortunately, I have no celebrity sightings to report although that's probably my fault more than the celebrities' since unless they're Brad Pitt-caliber I don't know who they are.

At the Coffee Bean. This was taken about five minutes before I was asked to be the lead in a serious play. It was a pretty weird day considering my last acting experience came in a 4th grade musical.

Chompy enjoying her Glory Years in the backyard.

I will request all the variables I need at the same time. I will request all the variables I need at the same time. I will request all the variables I need at the same time. I wasted an hour trying to fix a problem that stemmed from my not remembering to follow that.

Yogurt break at the the place run by-seemingly--a bunch of Eastern Europeans that were promised jobs being models in America.

Buying myself a couple new instruments because I'm worth it.

Finally, my case of 2008 Klinker Brick came. Liking is it like your favorite car being a 2001 Toyota Corolla but whatever. Getting a case of 2008 has been more of a hassle than I was anticipating.

Trying to improve myself by learning German via Rosetta Stone. I generally get perfect scores on the speaking and vocabulary and failing scores where I need to figure out when to use ein or eine or einer or einem or eines or einex or eienz.

Settling in for a dinner party with Ali's friends Glenda and Ben in Hollywood.

The Baconater reprising his role in the bedtime process.

Letting Chompy out so late with three rabbits in the backyard was a bad idea. For 12, she is really, really, really fast if there are things she can kill and eat available to her outside.

BONUS: Editing scores is just as much fun as it was ten years ago.


SC (03/14/12)

I love that your first decision when Chompy is in killing small animal-mode is to get the camera out.



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