May 12 of 12 | 05/16/12

I see that I've been relegated to the second column on Brian's blog so it looks like it's time for a monthly update!

7:30am: Waking up at the crack of crack. Oh wait, that's Charlie Sheen.

7:50am: So this is the amount of traffic on a Saturday morning. It's probably because everyone was taking pictures for 12 of 12. The smog, which you can kind of see, is hiding the fact there's a huge mountain range right in front of me. It's quite disgusting if you think about it so I try not to think about it. I'm on my way to the gym so I don't gain the Machu Picchu weight back. So far, so good.

9:00am: The Coffee Bean where I got my big acting break. I wasn't at the gym for very long but my knees has been bothering me so I have to skip all the boring cardio and straight to alternating sets of triceps and crying.

Oops, forgot to send my score off. This is a good piece so I'll be pretty pissed if it doesn't get accepted.

Noonish: Taking some time off from work to do some painting.

1:30pm: Back to work and looking at my gross, peeling arm. They're still peeling pretty bad. Why didn't I wear any sunscreen? Didn't I learn my lesson in Tallahassee a billion years ago?

Baconater! The lover of bacon and the hater of being posed with Ali's Machu Picchu llama. I should have posted the picture where he was beating it up.

4:00pm: Obligatory post-shower picture before Ben and Glenda come over for grilling.

4:30pm: It looks like I'm making Chompy sit by herself in a corner but really she's just waiting for the lizard that lives in the bushes to come out so she can attack it again.

6:00pm: Who single-handedly prepped all that food and got the cake on which it sits? This guy!

10:00pm: Checking in on the Baconater since he was exiled to the bedroom while people were over.

10:30pm: Celebrating Glenda's successful defense with a cake.




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