Applying to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame | 02/07/04

Man my back hurts. This morning I got up early (9am) and finished the MIDI version of Outkast's Andre 3000's Hey Ya finale/midi file. I still need to finish up the Chopin small group piece for rehearsal on Tuesday. I went to hear Dr. Harrison's lecture. It was interesting enough--I didn't fall asleep but the more theory I learn the less practical it all seems. True, some theories are really beneficially to music. Things like Schenkerian analysis and rotational theory are very useful and still relatively new but my Glord, most of it is so useless. Sure, it's interesting to the nerd in me (and others) but just completely unhelpful when I'm actually listening to music. Speaking of unhelpful things. Here is a list of unhelpful things: Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Survivor All-Stars, Paris Hilton and Chingy. I guess those are more unhelpful people. Or so I hear. I've never had any of them wait on me. Jamie and I ate some McDisgusting for dinner. For some reason my house smells like feet. Jamie's feet. With stink lines. I saw them myself. Seriously. I thought about making some flash applications for this site so people would have a special treat but my talking cactus didn't work out. Sorry. My brother Steve didn't send me a picture like he said he would so there will be no birthday picture for him. Chastise him!. He also took credit for this book I wrote in high school for a Sociology class. It was called I'm a boy and I'm superior. I have the link for it somewhere.... Oh, it's right here. Anyway, Steve claimed partial credit for it even though it was MY BOOK and MY FAILING GRADE on the project AND MY D as my final grade. And now, here's Steve, leeching off MY apathy and caustic wit--all the time while he's getting straight A's by not breaking any rules or fighting against pathetic high school "teachers". Shaking my right hand in a single up-down motion, I have no choice but to say, "This is bulls* motherf*". Oh, I also took care of Jamie's parents' dogs today. That was fun. I had to deactivate the alarm code while her parents' dogs were barking and Chompy (still on the leash) was pulling me away from the keypad. Fortunately, I was able to get it done before the doors with the ninjas opened up and sliced me from 50' away with their sharpened shirken. Tomorrow I am going to write the world's greatest cover letter to get the job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.




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