Daniel Harrison | 02/06/04

Speaking of nerds, it's that time of year-Society for Music Theory Conference time. Daniel Harrison from Yale is the big guest and he presented today in Atonal. Everyone who has ever muttered the word "theory" was there and although I arrived a couple minutes early there was no seat for me. I eventually found a seat behind the piano where I could see nothing. Dr. Harrison seems to be an interesting guy. I know he's into the Beach Boys and I was hoping to talk to him about Boyz but that didn't happen. I skipped the pot luck dinner tonight to work on some scores. Composing is way more fun than theory and even arranging music is better than reading stupid articles. I found an ideal job for me in Cleveland working at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Truly, this job is perfect for me in every way. Big city, rock n' roll, teaching. What else is there? Nothing, that's right. Nothing. Today is my brother Steve's birthday. He is the big 2-0. I remember that birthday but only vaguely. I had some thoughts about being a man and acting like one. I've had the same talk with myself on every birthday since. I'm still not a man and to be honest, I don' t really want to be one just yet. Being some sort of man-boy is considerably more fun. People started to send me the first batch of "where the hell are the updates" today including some more hidden ones like the google search for "where are the updates to mike's journal!!!!!"




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