Long Daze | 02/05/04

What a long day. I hate Thursdays. This is becoming a recurring theme. We watched the first batch of presentations in class today and they were all pretty good. One student in my second class literally gave a perfect presentation. After class I went to the library and did my Mas presentation. I came home, played with Chompy then went back to Bibliography. I got an 82% on my first homework assignment. She is a tough grader, which isn't good when she's so unspecific with her questions. I ran home after class, thought about taking a nap, didn't, and then went back to Caribbean class, where I promptly fell asleep for a good 20 minutes. I woke up and Dr. Olsen was looking RIGHT at me. I then played Minesweeper on Impossible difficulty until it was time to go. We had a pretty good rehearsal and a nice small-group rehearsal afterwards. Jamie and I ordered pizza for dinner and I fell asleep at midnight. Boring.




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